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Oostvlaams Milieubeheer

OVMB: environmentally friendly treatment, storage and burial of waste
OVMB - subsidiary of Eiffage Benelux - treats waste with great care for quality, environment, safety and durability. The company places transparency towards the authorities, local residents and all stakeholders and customer loyalty at the center of its concerns.
Operation of the landfill began in 1994. The 32-hectare site is operated in 10 successive phases, with a total landfill capacity of approximately 6 million tonnes. The landfill is easily accessible by motorways as well as by railways or inland waterways.
Each deposit is isolated from the neighborhood using the most recent methods. The first layer consists of a one meter thick layer protecting the soil and aquifers from the landfill. On this layer are a network of pipes and an electronic system allowing the detection of leaks. On this layer of clay is a protective layer 3 mm thick in HDPE. When a discharge part is at its maximum level, it is covered with an impermeable layer preventing rainwater from draining to the waste. During and after discharge, all landfill sites are permanently monitored.
Since 1998, OVMB has expanded its activities to solidification and stabilization of waste, with the aim of offering solutions that are both environmentally friendly and economically feasible for a large quantity of "problem waste" ". The legal framework limits the receipt of certain waste to landfill. This hazardous waste must first be pretreated before being unloaded. Solidification is a technology that allows the use of products allowing the transformation of hazardous waste into a less damaging material before being deposited. Storage is carried out in the waste bunker, which is divided into several compartments and several silos. Since 2012, OVMB has a second solidification plant to meet the growing demand for waste pretreatment. In this second installation, the company only processes combustion residues.
OVMB is mainly focused on customer satisfaction without losing sight of the legal aspect. A carefully established quality system guarantees the correct treatment of waste throughout the process: waste validation, removal, inspection.
The integrated quality system consists of a certified quality system (ISO 9001) and a certified environmental management system (ISO 14001). In addition to quality and environmental pillars, the integral system has expanded over time to safety and sustainability.
Since 2008, the Kennedy Avenue site has also been used to drain dredged material.
In 2015 OVMB bought a second site in the port of Ghent. At the Oudetragel site, hazardous and non-hazardous wastes are stored and processed.
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Chief Executive Officer
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