Eiffage Benelux


We have come to know that malicious people make use of email addresses incorporating the words 'EIFFAGE' and 'BENELUX' to contact suppliers and send purchase orders whose appearance might suggest they originate from (a company of) the Group EIFFAGE BENELUX. The site  eiffage-benelux.org DOES NOT BELONG TO THE GROUP EIFFAGE BENELUX!

These false commands cannot engage us.

The email addresses of the Group EIFFAGE BENELUX are exclusively composed as follows: "... @ namecompany.eiffage.be’ or "... @ eiffagebenelux.com’. Any other address is fake.

The names of the persons who can validly commit the company are published in the annexes to the Belgian Official Gazette.

In case of doubt, contact directly the company concerned to make sure that the purchase order you received emanates from our Group.