Eiffage Benelux

Eiffage Construction

Eiffage Construction is the umbrella organisation for all lines of business associated with construction, development, real estate, maintenance and facility management. This wide range of competences allows it to offer its customers specialised knowledge in many different areas.

Breakdown of turnover by line of business:

  • Construction: 71%,
  • Urban / real estate development: 23%,
  • Services and maintenance: 6%

With a headcount of approx. 11,000, annuel turnover is EUR 3,75 billion.

Eiffage Construction executes large-scale projects, in particular in the context of PPPs borne by Eiffage. The company is to be found working in major inner-city redevelopment programmes, building and renovating public works, restoring heritage buildings and historic monuments.

As builder-developer, Eiffage Immobilier is active throughout France. Partnering local authorities and social operators, it is also very active in the private sector. It works closely with Eiffage Aménagement, helping it to best respond to particular development requests.

Eiffage Construction Services is dedicated to managing the maintenance of building complexes, industrial sites and major projects in which the group is involved as a PPP stakeholder, such as prisons or hospitals. It has available a highly specialised organisation able to react effectively and efficiently to its customers' needs.