Eiffage Benelux


The history of Eiffage Benelux goes back further than 20 years!

The history goes back to a time when a handful of talented entrepreneurs decided to set up their own family businesses.

Expanding quickly, they found themselves in need of capital. A number of the families chose to sell their businesses to larger companies, creating entrepreneurial groups. With these groups in turn soon becoming too large to remain family businesses, they decided to merge with larger international groups.

Eiffage Benelux

Eiffage Benelux came into being in December 1993 as the result of a merger between the Maurice Delens Group (made up of Maurice Delens (1927), DuchĂȘne (1930), Antwerpse Bouwwerken (1939), Herbosch-Kiere (1900), Druez (1895), De Graeve (1943), etc.) and the Van Rymenant Group (including Van Rymenant (1885) and Reynders (1909)).

The Van Rymenant Group - which had belonged to the British Michael Cott Corporation since 1965 - was acquired by the French SAE group in 1988. One year later, in November 1989, the Delens family sold 40% of its shares in the Maurice Delens Group to the French company Fougerolle which then took over SAE in 1992.

Now called Eiffage, the parent company acquired a majority holding in the Maurice Delens Group in September 1993. In December of that same year, Soficom Maurice Delens merged with Van Rymenant, creating Soficom. With a turnover of almost EUR 400 million, the new group had 2600 employees. The various real estate activities (Souverain, Sabefim, etc.) were consolidated into Soficom Development.

2006 saw all group companies adopting the Eiffage logo and Van Rymenant and Maurice Delens merging to create Valens.

In the course of these last 20 years, the group has grown in size, taking over a number of companies - OVMB, Romarco, PIT (1988), Perrard, (1900) - operating in the construction sector. In the field of energy, recently acquired companies (Fexim, Yvan Paque, VSE, Collignon, etc.) were grouped together under the name of Forclum Soficom.

In May 2008, Soficom merged with Forclum Soficom to become Eiffage Benelux. In the meantime, Eiffage had restructured itself, now operating with five specialised groups (Construction, Public Works, Energy, Metal Structures and Concessions). At the end of 2012 Eiffage, in the context of its international strategy, took the decision to similarly regroup the Eiffage Benelux companies, with the energy-related companies being transferred to Eiffage Energie. Eiffage Benelux belongs to Eiffage Construction.

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