Eiffage Benelux


The Eiffage Group is a leading European construction company and concession-holder, with an annual turnover of EUR 15 billion and total headcount of approx. 65,000.

Business breakdown:

  • Infrastructure projects: 31,3 %
  • Construction 25,3 %
  • Energy Systems 25,4 %
  • Concessions 18 %

Eiffage Concessions builds and operates - as a concession holder - motorways and large infrastructure projects, public amenities, buildings and urban (re)development projects. The company is responsible for the financing, design, construction and maintenance of the completed projects.

Eiffage Construction brings together the building, real estate and facility management side of Eiffage's business: housing, offices, public amenities, shopping centres, industrial plants, heritage monuments, etc.

Eiffage Infrastructures is to be found working in a earth-moving, road-building, civil engineering, railway construction and foundation work. It also specialises in bridges, façades, buildings, mechanical equipment, offshore equipment, boiler-making, industrial maintenance, valves and piping.

Eiffage Energie is specialised in electrical installations, air conditioning (HVAC) and process automation, with a comprehensive range of turn-key offerings: design, execution, operation and maintenance of multi-tech installations and specific facilities, whatever the sector involved.