Baudouin V cultural centre in Braine-le-Comte

The work consisted of renovating the interior of the former cultural centre and extending it to the rear.

The building is divided into three zones, the first for use as a restaurant, the second for various local administration services (mainly associated with culture), while the third is the lobby, giving access to the restaurant and the offices as well as to the culture hall at the back of the building. The project's challenges lay in the restoration / reconstruction of wall and ceiling stucco, and the fire stopping measures between the floors (airlock doors with an aluminium frame (1-hour FR) and the FR floor between the existing wooden joists due to the presence of the ceiling stucco to be restored).

Ville de Braine-le-Comte
Bureau Gallez & Lechêne
Project duration: 
02/2011 – 08/2013 - inauguration on 14-15/09/2013