Construction of the Diabolo viaduct in Haren

Diabolo - civil engineering : Embankments, viaduct and tunnel L25N L36C / 2

Railway platform with a total length of about 1,500 m.

Construction of 3 2-track rail viaducts: Viaduct G in steel and concrete; viaduct A & C in concrete

3 embankments

Construction of 2 rigid-frame bridges and various abutments.

This 2-track viaduct rests on 34 piles, the highest of which is 23 metres high. Its foundations required the installation of some 55,000 m of micropiles and 30,000 m of screw piles.

Custom-built formwork was used for constructing the bridge piles. Each pile head weighs 80 t and is 8 m wide (iris elements) Due to strict planning requirements, the site had two complete sets of these formworks and supports.

Two prefabricated slabs (±120 t) and a head made of in-situ concrete form the connection between the two "irises" of a pile. Once these have been made, U-shaped troughs fill the space between the piles, acting as the base on which Infrabel lays the track.

Apart from the size and weights of the prefabricated elements, the main difficulties encountered in this project were the complex geometry of these elements and installing them in an in-service rail environment.

  • - ABC Viaduct piles (in-situ concrete) 2,001 m³
  • - Iris-shaped pile heads, ABC viaduct: 4,244 m³
SM Valens -Antwerpse Bouwwerken
Infrabel SA
Project duration: 
08/2009 – 03/2012