Hermon wreck at Honfleur

On the French coast at Honfleur, the company has salvaged two shipwrecks (the Hermon, a coaster which suck in 1896, and a pontoon). To do this, the company equipped the Atlantis with enormous metal cutters and the American Hoist 11320. The wrecks were cut into pieces and removed by crane.

The work took place in two phases:

- the partial salvage of the old steamboat, Hermon;

- the total salvage of a sunken pontoon (9+29m).

A total of 400 t of steel was salvaged. The salvage operation was necessary in order to widen and deepen the ship channel.

SM Herbosch-Kiere – Frabeltra (Eiffage TP)
Grand Port Maritime Rouen
Project duration: 
12-03-2011 - 12-04-2011