Housing development in the Rue des Matériaux in Brussels

The open European call for tenders put out by SDRB (now resulted in Eiffage Development being awarded the contract on 20 January 2009 for the construction of a 119-unit complex, in which at least 30% of apartments had to meet "passive" housing criteria and the rest "low energy" criteria.

The work is being executed by Valens, an Eiffage Benelux subsidiary.

An urban redevelopment project for affordable accommodation.

  • 30% passive: 4,325 m²
  • 70% low energy 9,866 m²
  • Patios: 2,038 m²
  • Communal garden: 3,410 m²
  • Basement/car park/technical rooms: 3,384 m²
  • Kindergarten: 374 m² + garden 103 m²
Designing architects: Architectes MAHIEU et Associés / Site management: DDS & Partners
Project duration: 
01/08/2011 - 30/09/2013