Palais de Justice in Liege

Construction of extensions to the Palais de Justice

Single  lot: structural work - finishing work - landscaping - stability - sanitary facilities - lifts - HVAC - electricity.

The project consists of 5 buildings on the Rue de Bruxelles, Rue du Fond Saint – Servais and Place Saint Lambert for various court activities.

With their total floorspace of 40,000 m², the buildings are for 800 Ministry of Justice officials.

An underground link exists between the new buildings and the former Palais des Princes-Evêques.

The existing basements have been converted and now provide inter alia 10,000 m² of archive space.

The architecture is simple and the complex forms an entity with the existing Palais, through the shape of the roof and  the design of the facades (blue stone, French stone, zinc) and the window openings  harmonising with those of the Palais).

  • civil engineering and stabilisation work
  • relocation of roads
  • construction work in the SNCB area
  • structural and finishing work
  • sanitary facilities
  • electrics and security facilities
  • electro-mechanical facilities
  • HVAC
  • work on the outside amenities, roads and drainage
  • planting work


Régie des Bâtiments SW2 – Direction Liège
Atelier du Sart-Tilman SC
Project duration: 
09/2005 - 12/2011