Railway Luxembourg Sandweiler

Double-tracking of the Luxembourg Sandweiler line (partially in town along residences)
Important project (in association) that we started in 2012 for the Luxemburgish Railways, and which continues today, due to its complexity. In Sandweiler, this work includes the expansion of earthworks and rock trenches, as well as the construction of a railway platform. In Contern, it was the reconstruction of an overpass and the construction of roads giving access to the industrial zone of Contern, not to mention the deviation of all the existing buried networks that was necessary. For the railway stop at Cents, it was necessary to build new passenger platforms, pedestrian subways, as well as deviations for existing networks. The installation of coated prefabricated beams was the peculiarity of this site, because of their range: 31 m. This installation was made without any interruption of traffic, whether railway or road.
  • Excavation: 563 m3
  • Crushed embankment 580,000 to
  • Wall reinforcement: 30,000 m2
  • Micropile: 15.260 ml
  • Concrete: 21,000 m3
  • 10 pre-bent beams with a range of 31 m
  • 40 ml of tunnel set up by crane and 960 ml of platforms.
Chemins de fer Luxembourgeois
Project duration: 
2012 -