Waasland II lock in Antwerp

The construction of the world's largest lock is a vital project for the further development of the Port of Antwerp. The lock is 500 metres long (from gate to gate) and 68 metres wide. Maximum depth is 29.50 metres. At both ends of the lock chamber there are two-chamber wells in which the sliding doors move. Also planned are two swing bridges, one of which is a combined railway bridge. For more information on this exceptional project, visit the website:

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The inauguration took place in the presence of His Majesty King Philippe of Belgium on June 10, 2016.

Antwerpse Bouwwerken and Herbosch-Kiere, as part of the “Waaslandsluis” consortium
NV Deurganckdoksluis
Project duration: 
11/2011 - 2016