AB converts old Ghent city library into Municipal Offices

AB received the order for the conversion of the old city library for a total amount of approximately EUR 25 million. This order is an excellent follow-up to the earlier realisation of the Waalse Krook.

After AB completed the “Waalse Krook” project in 2016, the main library of Ghent moved, and the old building became vacant. The vacant building is now being given a new purpose. The entire project consists of two buildings that will be physically connected by a new footbridge. One building is the old library. The other already houses part of the administrative services. The project will be carried out in several phases in such a way that the provision of services must remain guaranteed during the works.

The first phase of the works will start in March 2020, and completion of the entire project is planned for the spring of 2023. After a complex reconstruction and drastic renovation, the building will function as a single general service centre for the people of Ghent, with a spacious and clear public area, a new reception pavilion and a bicycle parking area for 1,100 bicycles. The rebuilt Municipal Office will offer space for 1,150 city employees.