Perrard Development

Perrard Development is Eiffage Benelux’s real estate branch, operating throughout the territory of Luxemburg and working in close collaboration with her sister company Perrard.

Perrard Development is thus emerging as a “developer-builder”, managing project development from A to Z right up to the marketing of the finished product. Perrard Development acquires rights to selected sites and/or buildings to be refurbished, funds major development projects either with its own capital or in collaboration with financial partners. The company executes projects on its own behalf, on behalf of third parties or as a shareholder in a project company.

Projects are either 100% private sector ones, or public-private partnerships. Perrard Development develops projects in a range of sectors: social housing and up-market apartments, offices, hotels and retirement homes, as well as schools, kindergartens and public buildings.

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