Key figures

  • 110 Employees

  • 23 M€ turnover

Since its foundation in 2002, Sodemat has served as the materials service of Eiffage Benelux. Sodemat is open to the Group’s various members every day, providing anything from PPE (personal protective equipment) to the heavy-duty equipment needed on their construction and civil engineering sites. The company also has a formation platform.

An impressive array of tower cranes, mobile scaffold towers, excavators, generators, forklifts, compressors, formwork, portacabins, vehicles …. is thus available to Eiffage Benelux companies.

At the same time, a team of site specialists are at hand to help companies in their choice of equipment – and also the best techniques – for ensuring maximum cost efficiency and safety. There is a team available at the two depots in Gentbrugge and Strée for maintaining and repairing formwork.


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