Bekaert office building

About this project

After a challenging run lasting almost two years, the Bekaert HQ project in Zwevegem has been provisionally completed. The project in question involves a new-build office building with a car park on the ground floor, as well as the renovation of the existing neo-Gothic offices.

The two buildings are connected by a transparent integrated entrance and form a sleek whole. The buildings accommodate 170 Bekaert employees and guarantee Bekaert’s continued presence in Zwevegem. The most modern techniques, combined with a great deal of attention to acoustic comfort, ensure a very pleasant working environment.

The construction team, led by the architectural firm Sileghem and partners, guaranteed compliance with the deadline and high quality requirements.

  • Project name

    Bekaert office building
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  • Architect

    Sileghem & Partners
  • Total value

    11,2 M€
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