Church Sint-Clemens in Eppegem

About this project

PIT restored the interior of the beautiful Sint-Clemens church in Eppegem (province of Flemish Brabant). Several techniques have been used to refurbish the choir, the side chapels, the sacristy, the alleys, the nave and the transept.

The dilapidated layers of plaster which covered the lateral aisles, the choir, the ambulatory, the chapels and the transept were stripped and replaced by lime plaster. Unstable and unsightly wall coverings were removed. The whole was covered with a lime paint.

The natural stone walls from the choir to the triforium and the columns and vaults were cleaned with chemical pulp. The synthetic oil-based coatings on the pedestals and the lower areas of the adjoining walls have been totally eliminated, since in these areas the historical finishes no longer existed. The pedestal of the church was then waterproofed against invading moisture.

  • Project name

    Inter restoration Sint-Clemens church
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    Restoration of historical monuments
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    DEOS bvba
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