Culture village Wolubilis

About this project

The project offers an architectural ensemble combining simplicity and integration in attractive surroundings. Eiffage Development is offering a wide range of apartments (varying in size, layouts and in which direction they face) though with uniform quality. Basically speaking, each apartment is unique.

From an architectural and urban planning perspective, the project as a whole can be seen as a coherent unit, offering apartments, cultural activities, shops, green spaces – in fact almost a self-contained town radiating out from a central square.

The landscaping follows the site’s natural contours, provides green areas (sometimes private, sometimes communal), and easy access for people of all ages, including the handicapped.

Furthemore, the site is located in a prime area of Brussels.

  • Project name

    Culture village Wolubilis
  • Area of expertise

    Apartments / houses
  • Location

  • Developer

    Wolubilis: Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe
  • Building period

  • Architect

  • Total value

    17,8 M€
  • Company