Karehamn wind farm in Sweden

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The “Karehamn Offshore Windfarm” in Sweden is located in the Baltic Sea, some 6 km away from the coast. With its 16 Vestas V112 turbines, the farm produces a total of 48 MW, with each wind turbine being 79.6 m high and having a capacity of 3 MW. Though the concrete foundations of the 16 wind turbines built by E.ON were finished, the rocky seabed made it very difficult for the crane to find a stable position.

This was when E.ON called in HK. The Albatros, a vessel specifically designed for performing dredging and rockfill work and for strengthening dikes, was used to build 6 gravel platforms around each turbine, on which the crane rested.

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    Karehamn Windmolenpark in Zweden
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    Offshore and charter services
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