Ligny Community Centre

About this project

A former barn has been renovated and converted into a centre with a multi-purpose hall, and rooms for the ALE (the Local Employment Agency), ONE (Office of Birth and Childhood) and the CPAS (social services agency).

The project’s special features include :

  • the wide range of materials used, especially outside (wood and metal cladding, zinc, brick facing, a green wall, etc.;
  • the arrangement of the apartments with metal walkways and terraces;
  • the location of the building site, in an inner courtyard with little space to store material and equipment and no obvious connections with the neighbouring elements.
  • Project name

    Ligny Community Centre
  • Area of expertise

    Renovation works
  • Location

  • Developer

    Ville de Sombreffe / cité des Couteliers
  • Building period

  • Architect

    Reso Architectes SPRL : Hubert Clausse – Robin Gailliez
  • Total value

    1,6 M€
  • Company