Palace of Justice of Hasselt

About this project

The works on the prestigious “De Hazelaar” court complex in Hasselt started in 2006 with the construction of a basement parking deck (in service since October 2010) on behalf of SNCB Holding, the owner of the car park.

The second phase, from 2010 to 2011, was completed by Reynders Interieur for Hasselt Stationsomgeving NV, and involved the finishing work in the court building. This took 13 months, and ended with Reynders Interieur installing the custom-built furnishings: fixed items such as the bars and seating for 13 court rooms. The company also fitted out the library. Walnut was the main type of wood used, either in solid form or as veneer, especially for the parquet flooring in the courtrooms and the lawyers’ bars.

At the beginning of 2012, Reynders Interieur placed the custom furniture in a third phase. This mainly concerned fixed furniture such as counters and seating furniture for the 13 court rooms spread over 4 floors.

  • Project name

    Palace of Justice of Hasselt
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  • Developer

    Hasselt Stationsomgeving NV - SOHA NV
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  • Architect

    J. Mayer - H. Architecten - Lens° Ass Architectes - a2o architecten
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