Renovation of the Hof van Egmont in Mechelen

About this project

The Hof van Egmont is designed as a nursing home for the elderly. The facades and roofs are classified as heritage.
The work consisted of an examination of the roofs and repair of the copper lining of the gutters. The neo-classical façade of this 19th century building has been restored, the plaster repaired and all repainted. The carpentry of these facades has been replaced by old-fashioned carpentry according to the model of the windows on the opposite side of the K.Mercierplein (Vitres authentiques). The rear windows have also been replaced by contemporary wooden joinery.

  • Project name

    Renovation Hof van Egmont Mechelen
  • Area of expertise

    Renovation works
  • Location

  • Developer

    Sociaal Huis Mechelen
  • Period

  • Architect

    Architecten Beeck & Hermans bvba – Mechelen
  • Company