Salvage Helge Ingstad

About this project

SCALDIS, the Belgian subsidiary of Herbosch-Kiere, has successfully completed the salvage of the Norwegian frigate, KNM Helge Ingstad. SCALDIS developed a revolutionary lifting method specifically for this project, by combining its two heavy lifting vessels, Rambiz and Gulliver.

Rambiz, with two cranes and a total lifting capacity of 3,300 tonnes, and the new lifting vessel Gulliver, also with two cranes and a total lifting capacity of 4,000 tonnes. With this unique Double Duo Lift method, SCALDIS has a combined total lifting capacity of 7,300 tonnes. This made it possible to lift the 133-metre-long and 5,500-tonne frigate in one piece. Because the four cranes work synchronously, it is possible to lift the wreck in one uninterrupted operation and move it to a horizontal position.

  • Project name

    Salvage Helge Ingstad
  • Area of expertise

    Storage warehouse
  • Location

    Bergen, Norway
  • Developer

    Norwegian Navy
  • Period

  • Company

    Herbosch-Kiere (SCALDIS)