Landing facilities at Temse

About this project

Construction of landing stages for the marina alongside the Scheldt at Temse.

Delivery and installation of 450 m of landing stages with 4 landing stages (45 – 100 m long), each with its own bridge (the longest: 36 m) linking it to the riverbank. This was a “Design & Build” contract.

The floats are made of horizontal tubes welded together and attached to 4 heavy landing stages, each of which has its own access bridge. The landing stages are held in place by 24 vertical poles installed in such a way that the floats can move up and down with the tide.

Two different widths were chosen for the access bridges and two different freeboard deck heights. The floats, each 12.7 m long) are for the most part covered with grating and a deck of wood (total of 60 m).

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    Landing facilities Temse
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    Maritime and civil works
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