Waitingjetty Port of Antwerp

About this project

Herbosch-Kiere is building a waiting jetty using the largest Vibro Hammer in the world

On the east side of canaldock B3 in the Port of Antwerp, Herbosch-Kiere is building a jetty to serve as an occasional or temporary mooring place. To drive the piles – 35 m long and 2,9 m diameter – Herbosch-Kiere engaged the CV-320 Vibro Hammer of Cape-Holland. Upon piling completion, the piles were fitted with fenders in order to serve as a moorings. Furthermore Herbosch-Kiere will provide sea bed protection by means of asphalt mattresses and a feeder-cable will be installed to illuminate the piles.

  • Project name

    Waitingjetty Port of Antwerp
  • Area of expertise

    Maritime and civil works
  • Location