Ship moorings at Wijnegem

About this project

Part of the Albert Canal widening project, the work consisted of:

  • the construction (on the left-hand bank) of a new 1150 m wall (water depth: 6 m) opposite the existing quay, retaining the existing sheet pile walls and part of the concrete superstructure. The dredging work (future deepening of the channel by ca. 2 m) was not part of the contract.
  • The construction (on the right-hand bank) of a 920 m mooring wall (water depth: 5 m), including the demolition of the existing canal-bank protection and the execution of earthworks (involving dry and wet earth) between the existing elements and the new wall.
  • The provision of temporary constructions upstream and downstream on both banks.
  • The provision of the infrastructure necessary for the medium-term mooring of ships (waste containers, mains water, electricity, car-parking facilities, etc.).
  • The road infrastructure. Refurbishment of the existing towpath and ditches on the left-hand bank.

A new towpath on the right-hand bank, including the re-routing of the Albert Canal road.

  • Project name

    Ship moorings Wijnegem
  • Area of expertise

    Maritime and civil works
  • Location

  • Developer

    De Scheepvaart
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