Wooden timber-framed building in Binche

About this project

Since the autumn of 2017, students in the first and second year of secondary school in Binche have been the first students in Belgium to take their classes in a timber-framed building insulated with straw. The wooden frame structure comprises two floors with eight classrooms. The walls were insulated with compressed straw bales lined with a layer of clay, which ensures optimum air humidity. These two materials, sourced from local industries, only require a small amount of energy to be produced and contain no potentially toxic substances. The floor of the building is constructed from a cork layer. The entire project was delivered in July 2018.

  • Project name

    Wooden timber-framed building in Binche
  • Area of expertise

  • Location

  • Developer

    Collège Notre-Dame de Bon Secours a.s.b.l.
  • Building period

  • Architect

  • Total value

    1,5 M€
  • Company

    De Graeve