Valens delivers The One mixed-use tower in Brussels

Located right in the heart of the European district in Brussels and just a stone’s throw from the European Commission, the building, which combines apartments, offices and shops, has been delivered.

Built for property developer Atenor, The One tower is the first venture to be completed within the context of the Loi Urban Project (LUP) set up by the Brussels region to shape the urban landscape.
The One fully meets the objectives of this project, which aims to strengthen the international visibility of Brussels by promoting luxury offices and making the European district more human by encouraging the development of housing.

The building consists of two separate yet interlinked volumes, which creates a horizontal mix. The tower, in actual fact two adjoining independent towers positioned on the same base, offers a variety of uses with housing, offices and shops distributed within the same complex.

Designed by architectural firm Buro II & ARCHI+I, the tower is in particular characterised by its double height, with housing on the one side and offices on the other. Although the entrances are separate, the building disrupts the traditional office/housing split by offering a subtle transition between the two. Specifically, the housing part, located on the south façade of the tower, is treated horizontally by means of large white terraces, whereas the office-side façades features a gradual change of colour from white to anthracite grey.

The housing units are spread over 20 floors, good for a total of 7,900 m2 in floor area. The 97 apartments, ranging from studio flats to 3-bedroom apartments, were sold to private individuals in this part of the 73-metre high tower overlooking Rue de Lalaing.

The office section, located on Rue de la Loi, is 94 metres high. The 29,250 m2 of floor area consist of a spacious lobby with a ceiling height of 8 metres set back from the street, as well as numerous open-plan office spaces spread across 22 floors. The entire office section was sold last December by Atenor to German investment company Deka Immobilien Investment GmbH.

650 m2 of shops have been included at the foot of the tower. Consisting of modular retail spaces, these premises will make it possible to revitalise the European district.

Finally, the building also includes 160 parking spaces over 3 levels of infrastructure. The first level, consisting of 52 spaces, is reserved for the apartments’ owners. The two additional levels of infrastructure are reserved for the office section. Bicycle sheds have also been made available.

The office building is designed to be energy-passive, with very low consumption. It aims to achieve the 2007 passive standard certification through the attention that has been paid to the energy performance of the building’s skin and to lighting management. In this connection, 44% of the total surface area of the façades consists of glass. Horizontal or vertical sunshades have been installed on these glazed surfaces depending on the orientation of the façade, the objective being to allow maximum penetration of natural light. The building’s high-performance insulation, compactness, management of external inputs and optimisation of heating and cooling techniques through rainwater recovery in the cooling network also contribute to this energy-passiveness.